a2ru offers workshops grounded in its original Mellon-funded research, and in external research on interdisciplinary collaboration, tenure and promotion, and arts impacts. These workshops provide face-to-face interaction, time-on-task, and scaffolding for the identification and activation of effective practices. We work closely with you to customize workshops for your group; the success of these experiences depends on their relevance to participants. Contact Veronica Stanich vstanich@umich.edu to discuss a2ru workshops at your institution. Join us for a special online offering of "Using the Arts to Flip Understanding" on July 12! Learn more

Collaboration Workshops

Learn tools for effective collaboration across difference.
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Situating Creative Practice as Research Workshop

Explore when, why, and how artists and designers might frame their work as research.

Using the Arts to Flip Understanding Workshop

Combine arts-making and analysis to gain new perspective on your non-arts work.

Emerging Creatives Workshop

An immersive interdisciplinary creative experience for students.

Impacts Workshop

Build your case in this online or in-person workshop for artists and designers.