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The intersection of creative placemaking and higher education.

The Creative Placemkaing Resource Hub is a living archive of creative placemaking scholarship and practice, designed for the students, teachers, artists, and community leaders who move the field forward.

The core of the Hub are the resources gathered and created by ArtPlace America during its ten years of field-making activities (2010-2020). ArtPlace transferred its archive to a2ru with the intention that the Hub should continue to grow over time, incorporating additional resources from the creative placemaking field to reflect its continued evolution. a2ru will add to the Hub regularly, as well as host events on creative placemaking at our conferences and as part of our webinar series.

What is placemaking?

According to ArtPlace America, “Creative placemaking is the intentional integration of arts, culture, and community-engaged design strategies into the process of equitable community planning and development. It’s about artists, culture-bearers, and designers acting as allies to creatively address challenges and opportunities. It’s about these artists and all of the allies together contributing to community-defined social, physical, and economic outcomes and honoring a sense of place.”

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Welcome to the Creative Placemaking Resource Hub

A note from ArtPlace America's Managing Director Sarah Calderon

Safe Routes Partnership

The Safe Routes to School National Partnership is a national non-profit that advances policy change and catalyzes support for healthy, active communities, starting with walking and bicycling to school. They are dedicated to creating livable, sustainable communities where all people can be healthy and physically active. This is their resources page.

Informal Arts: Finding Cohesion, Capacity and Other Cultural Benefits in Unexpected Places

A team of ethnographers from the Chicago Center for Arts Policy at Columbia College (CCAP) conducted a research study to investigate adult participation in the “informal arts” which encompasses such diverse experiences as acting in community theater, singing in a church choir, writing poetry at the local library, or painting portraits in a home studio. These “hands-on” activities tap people’s creative potential and expand our concept of artistic participation beyond the role of audience member.

Doing Well and Doing Good By Doing Art

Are there connections between involvement in arts learning and general academic success? In 2009, this researcher analyzed ten additional years of NELS data related to the previously studied students, then age 26. The results strongly connect arts learning with both general academic success and pro-social outcomes (i.e., outcomes such as volunteerism, involvement in the community, or civic participation).