Impacts Workshop

Impacts, Tenure and Promotion Policy, Workshops

On many campuses, arts-integrative teaching and research are not yet widely understood or accepted. Academic leaders, faculty, and students often find themselves advocating for the value of their interdisciplinary work to other provosts, deans, and faculty, as well as to parents, the press, and the community. One effective tool for this advocacy is an awareness of and fluency in impacts.

This half-day workshop is designed to help participants describe and advocate for the impacts of their unique interdisciplinary work. Using the Impacts Map as a tool to identify how and where impacts are felt, participants build their cases: prioritizing impacts based on audience, refining the language of their descriptions, assembling evidence, and planning for support materials. The workshop is available in virtual and in-person formats.

For information about hosting an Impacts Workshop on your campus, contact Veronica Stanich, a2ru Research Programs Manager, at vstanich@umich.edu. The price of all workshops is reduced for a2ru member institutions.

Participant Testimonials

  • “A beautifully crafted workshop experience–great content, great pacing, careful attention to delivery and engagement. Kudos to the Research Office for its planning, and to the folks at A2RU. I really enjoyed it.”
  • “It was extremely valuable. This is the second time I’ve had the opportunity to experience the impacts and dissemination portion of the workshop, and I benefitted each time. Clarity I found the first time has fueled my work since then; workshopping the next stage was extremely helpful.”

Image Credit: Raviv Cohen.