Tradition Innovations in Arts, Design, and Media Higher Education Releases Inaugural Issue on AI

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Oct 26, 2023

Tradition Innovations in Arts, Design, and Media Higher Education, a new open access, peer-reviewed online journal created collaboratively by a2ru and a2ru partner institution University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV), has released its inaugural issue, the first in a three-part special edition on “Artificial Intelligence and Possible Futures for the Arts.”

The issue asks: How are recent innovations in Artificial Intelligence (AI)—ones that change art processes and appear to produce creative works—transforming the creation of art and knowledge? The pace of these innovations and the discussions surrounding them challenge traditions in the arts, design, and media fields and encourage (if not force) us to consider the possible futures of the arts.

The editorial board of Tradition Innovations in the Arts, Design, and Media Higher Education invited artists, performers, designers, and media creators in higher education to become a part of the discussion about AI’s effects on the arts in this inaugural edition of the journal.

This special issue call received so many fascinating—and often surprising—contributions that the guest editors (Leah Howd, Fen Kennedy, Julian Kilker, and Sarah O’Connell) decided to publish this issue in several parts over the course of several months. Julian Kilker introduces the first part, which includes three articles that stretch our understanding of artistic and research collaborations and presentations.

The issue’s cover image, seen above, was created by UNLV’s Josh Vermillion using a workflow described in his article in this special issue.

The journal is freely available to download from UNLV’s Digital Scholarship platform.

Read and Download the Issue

About Tradition Innovations in Arts, Design, and Media Higher Education

How can we build a future for teaching/mentoring creative work and research that honors core disciplinary traditions, supports interdisciplinary collaborations, and enhances transdisciplinary work? How can evolving digital technologies foster innovation in the interwoven work of teaching-researching-creating, while supporting the best of traditional practices in arts, design, and media disciplines?

Tradition Innovations in Arts, Design and Media Higher Education provides a multimedia forum to address this and connected questions by exploring how creative work, teaching/mentoring, and knowledge creation/research are linked and in conversation with one another.

In a rapidly changing world – socially, ecologically, technologically – educators are constantly forging new techniques and innovative practices. We saw this in the crucible of the pandemic, as educators in arts, design, and media disciplines rapidly explored and developed creative solutions as they shifted from in-person to remote teaching, researching, and creating.

Art, design, and media faculty adapted centuries-old teaching traditions to new technologies and in new contexts that were themselves changing rapidly. These “tradition-innovations” continue to transform higher education in response to evolving challenges.

The journal’s founding editor is Yvonne Houy, Learning Technologist at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. The Editorial Board is an international, interdisciplinary cohort of scholars and practitioners in the arts, design, humanities, and information sciences.


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