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February 24, 2014

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Students attending the a2ru Emerging Creatives Student Conference self-selected into one of five areas of interdisciplinary interest that required arts-integrative problem solving: “Arts & Hacks” was for to students with an interest in productive troublemaking; “Projects for Social Justice” was for students interested in making the world a better place; “Odyssey” was for to students interested in personal and/or professional growth and the pursuit of knowledge; “Winner’s Circle” was for students interested in competition, recognition and/or profit; and “Wayfinders”met the needs of students interested in general problem solving.

Stemming from these motivations for making and doing, students generated projects using the interdisciplinary skills they already had and enacted new ones they learned at the conference. The projects included:

  • Aspire America Airlines
  • Cut Your Cube: An Augmented Driving Experience
  • Performance as a Means of Engaging Community Dialogue for Social Change
  • Reimagining the Juvenile Detention System
  • Random Acts App
  • Micromort App
  • Creatist: Connecting Creatives Across Campuses
  • The Unconference Research Initiative
  • The Idea Train
  • 3C (Cross-Cultural Communication): An Online Community for Facilitating Discussion Across Cultures
  • Human Powered Park Project (HPPP)

Complete details regarding these projects can be found here.

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