Nominations Now Open for a2ru Executive Committee Members

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Jun 6, 2023

We are seeking up to six new academic leaders to join the 15-person Executive Committee, an advisory body for a2ru, for three-year terms from 2023-2025.


Nominate yourself or a colleague by sending an email to a2ruconnect@umich.edu. The call for nominations will be open until August 1, 2023.


Nominators must be from an a2ru member institution. Nominees must be from an a2ru Partner or Associate member institution (an institution with a three-year member term).


A quorum of partnership representatives is needed to vote in new committee members; members will vote via online ballot.

Summary of Committee Service

Executive Committee members serve for three-year terms and may stand for re-election into a second term. Additional terms may be served after a year’s recess. All committee members attend the annual conference and may represent a2ru at meetings and conferences. The group convenes twice a year in person and monthly in brief conference calls, in addition to task-force driven work. New Executive Committee members will start September 1, 2023 and serve through August 31, 2026. Please see the a2ru Bylaws for further details.

Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

As a network that serves research universities, the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities is committed to an open, diverse, and inclusive learning and working environment that nurtures the growth and development of all. a2ru upholds the belief that an array of values, interests, experiences, and intellectual and cultural viewpoints enrich learning and our network. The promotion of and support for a diverse and inclusive community of mutual respect require the engagement of the entire network.

If you have any questions about service, please contact a2ru Executive Director, Maryrose Flanigan.

Image above: a2ru Executive Committee Member Soul Brown (Rhode Island School of Design). Photo by Peter Smith.

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