Mellon Research Update: The Road Ahead

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October 16, 2013

It’s October and it’s been nothing but planes, trains and automobiles for Mellon Researcher Dr. Bruce Mackh. In October he visited: Virginia Commonwealth University, Vanderbilt University, University of Alabama, University of Alabama Birmingham, and Dartmouth College. Our resident scholar and road warrior will be visiting four more universities this semester: Arizona State University, Johns Hopkins University, University of California—San Diego, and University of California—Santa Barbara.
Dr. Anthony Kolenic is on the road this week. He is currently visiting the University of Kansas and is also filming interviews with administrators, faculty and students. At the end of the semester the Mellon Research Project will have shot 195 hours of video.  By the time December rolls around we will have interviewed 430 people for the ArtsEngine Mellon Research Project.
Want to learn more about the ArtsEngine Mellon Research Project? The first set of research papers can be found here.

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