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October 2, 2018

Design education is changing > The world of identified design disciplines and analog workflows has broken apart and shifted. A new digital language defines how we see while user experience has evolved from static behavior to the complete immersion of physical space, haptic interaction, and time. Boundaries have blurred.

There is a gap in the education of designers as process managers, leaders, and collaborators across design disciplines. New leaders acting as boundary spanners are needed.

DESIGN/ at the University of Utah is a unified front of academics, professionals and students redefining the design language as it evolves beneath and beyond us. Students in the program move through a series of experiences exposing them to high craft, grounded research, ethics, leadership/collaboration skills and new technologies in the digital and physical realm. The challenges are significant and the bar is high for outcomes with impact. Connecting our students to the needs of global culture beyond academics is paramount.

UTAH is our laboratory and it’s landscape defines us. Omnipresent pristine wilderness reminds us that no product can leave this place or our planet undisturbed. We begin with questions, careful interventions and the option to solve problems with “No”.

We are creatives designing products and the relationships around them.

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