University of Florida Creative Campus Initiative Funding: Catalyst Grants and Creative Scholars-in-Residence

Funding, Multidisciplinary

July 25, 2021

Objectives of the UF Creative Campus Initiative are to establish educational settings that foster creativity in all disciplines, promote new interdisciplinary interactions, and encourage new ways of solving problems and formulating ideas. These in turn, support the larger UF goal of fostering an educational institution in which creativity, innovation, collaboration and empathy permeate academic life and impact education.

Researchers are known for using interdisciplinary learning, inventiveness, and synergistic thinking. While creativity is often associated with the arts, it is absolutely not exclusive to the arts. UF’s Creative Campus initiative endeavors to broaden conditions for stimulating creativity across the campus and the overall curricula in multiple disciplines.

Faculty whose research or teaching utilizes innovative approaches to solving problems, providing novel insights or introducing fresh perspectives are encouraged to apply for a Creative Campus grant as an opportunity to engage, campus, inform undergraduate education, or impact the community.

The UF Creative Campus Committee administers an annual funding process for project proposals. The two categories are: Catalyst Grants and Creative Scholars-in-Residence. The total amount of funding annually for this program is $50,000.

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