UIUC Partner Profile Update: Ebert Symposium to feature IMAX film, astronaut videographer, storytelling with data

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September 25, 2018

The Roger Ebert Film Festival, or “Ebertfest,” has celebrated movies each spring for two decades in downtown Champaign and at the University of Illinois.

The first Roger Ebert Symposium will explore the cinematic presentation of science and related subjects – bringing together an IMAX film shot from space, the former NASA astronaut who shot much of it, the film’s writer/director, and a diverse collection of visualization experts, journalists, scientists, media experts, artists and designers.

The one-day symposium, coming to the Illinois campus Oct. 1, will highlight interactive storytelling, data visualization and connections between the arts and sciences – all with an eye on the power of cinematic arts to bring a deeper understanding of nature, society and the universe.

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