The Center for Social Research (CSR)


October 22, 2018

The Center for Social Research (CSR) engages in interdisciplinary and collaborative social science research. Founded in 1982, the CSR is one of the centers for social science investigations housed in the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Arkansas.

Our mission is to address complex social issues by:

  • Stimulating and supporting interdisciplinary collaborations.

  • Outreaching with national, state, and regional offices, agencies, and organizations.

  • Pursuing, supporting, and conducting sponsored research.

  • Acquiring and storing quantitative and qualitative datasets, software, and equipment.

  • Equipping students with real-world research experiences and capacities.

  • Collaborating with and supporting the existing efforts of the premier research conducted by the Community and Family Institute (CFI) and the Terrorism Research Center (TRC).


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