Science Gallery Lab Detroit


January 7, 2019

Science Gallery Lab Detroit is a brand new initiative that will take emerging research and ideas from the worlds of art, science, design and technology and present them to 15-25 years olds connective, participative, and surprising ways. As an agent of positive disruption within the academic setting, Science Gallery Lab Detroit will engage academics and students at Michigan State University with new approaches and means of collaboration, embedding multidisciplinarity and public engagement at all levels in the university system. Science Gallery Labs will be the ‘innovation engine’ of the Global Science Gallery Network, building on the groundbreaking work of Science Gallery and reinventing it in experimental, uncommon, and creative ways. Science Gallery Labs will provide opportunities for young people to develop skills for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs, create fertile ground for entrepreneurship and innovation, and act as a source of new connections and inspiration for young people around the globe.

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