External Reviewers for Tenure & Promotion

Tenure and Promotion Policy, Tools and Activities

For those faculty whose work crosses disciplinary boundaries, the Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion process (RTP) holds unique challenges. They often must explain their research, creative practice, collaborative teaching, and public engagement to those who have been charged with assessing this work but who may only understand parts of it, precisely because it does not sit neatly in one discipline.

Just as Tenure and Promotion processes present challenges to interdisciplinary faculty, those who direct those processes face challenges of their own. They must confront the often difficult task of identifying external reviewers who are qualified to evaluate work that defies conventional disciplinary boundaries.

In response to this need that so many Deans and Provosts at our partner universities have expressed, a2ru has assembled a pool of people whose expertise ranges across disciplines, and who are interested in serving as outside reviewers for Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion cases. This resource is available exclusively to institutional a2ru members. 

To access the list of external reviewers or to add your name to the list as a potential reviewer, please contact a2ru Executive Director Maryrose Flanigan at flanigam@umich.edu