NEXUS at the University of Utah

Centers and Institutes

February 21, 2019

The iNterdisciplinary EXchange for Utah Science is a new interdisciplinary research institute at the University of Utah. NEXUS is aligned with the University of Utah’s mission in research (supporting the goal to develop and transfer new knowledge) as well as to engage communities to improve their quality of life. The U’s new NEXUS will create innovative ways of addressing society’s grand social challenges. Issues such as homelessness, healthcare, water scarcity, aging and dementia, and immigration require perspectives from politics to medicine, economics to the humanities, and psychology to engineering. NEXUS will provide the space and programming to foster intellectual exchanges that will allow new insights to complex challenges that meet a diverse set of human needs.

At NEXUS, collaborations will be sparked through joint research resources, faculty exchange programs, faculty mentoring programs, interdisciplinary summer workshops, interdisciplinary conferences, and graduate and undergraduate training programs in conjunction with departments. NEXUS provides an environment at the University of Utah for interdisciplinary collaborations that spans departments and colleges, providing training in a wide variety of research methods and innovating new statistics and methods across diverse research fields. NEXUS tackles the most pressing challenges facing our social and natural world and prepares students for identifying the complex solutions that these vexing issues require.

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