MIT’s Joint Degree in Engineering and the Humanities


July 3, 2018

Humanities and Engineering
Bachelor of Science in Humanities and Engineering (Course 21E)
This joint degree program draws from both humanistic and engineering studies, providing students with a basic command of each mode of inquiry. One component is selected from the undergraduate degree curriculum of an engineering department, which is approved by a faculty member in the field. The other component consists of subjects in a humanities field, chosen by the student in consultation with an advisor from the appropriate humanities faculty. This unique arrangement yields a humanities program of considerable depth while allowing for continued serious commitment to an engineering interest. In most cases, a senior thesis or sequence of advanced seminars is also required.

Available humanities fields include:

American Studies
Ancient and Medieval Studies
Comparative Media Studies
Asian and Asian Diaspora Studies
Global Studies and Languages (in French, German, or Spanish)
Latin American and Latino/a Studies
Russian and Eurasian Studies
Science, Technology, and Society
Theater Arts
Women’s and Gender Studies
Writing (Creative, Digital Media, or Science Writing)
For more information about this degree, contact Andrea Wirth, academic administrator, School of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.