Institute for Critical Technology & Applied Science

Member News, Transdisciplinary Collaboration

October 19, 2018

Virginia Tech has embraced a bold mission to take a global leadership role in solving complex, 21st-century problems. We are excited to be a part of this initiative by supporting the transdisciplinary research teams coming together to tackle major Destination Areas and smaller, expanding Strategic Growth Areas that lie at the intersection of Virginia Tech’s core strengths and some of the most pressing issues faced by society.

In particular, ICTAS is directly involved in research in data analytics and decision sciences, intelligent infrastructure, the adaptive brain and behavior, economical and sustainable materials, intelligent infrastructure for human-centered communities, integrated security, and global systems science.

ICTAS-supported research involves more than 300 faculty members and 200 students across six colleges at the university. By fostering collaboration and innovation to address challenges beyond the scope of a single discipline, ICTAS helps position Virginia Tech to be a force for positive change in technology and society at local, regional, national, and global scales.

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