UGA Arts Collaborative


September 21, 2018


The UGA Arts Collaborative is a catalyst for innovative, interdisciplinary creative projects, advanced research and critical discourse in the arts, and for creative applications of technologies, concepts, and practices found across disciplines. It is a collaborative network of faculty, students, and community members from all disciplines of the visual and performing arts in addition to other disciplines in the humanities and sciences. The Arts Collaborative enables all stages of creative activity, from concept and team formation through production, documentation, and dissemination of research.

Website: http://arts-collab.uga.edu/

Graduate Assistantships in Interdisciplinary Arts Research:

The University of Georgia offers Graduate School Assistantships to students entering programs in Art, Music, and Theatre and Film Studies following a highly qualified student’s nomination by their home department. These competitive, merit-based awards support collaborative research between the arts and other disciplines. Recipients of these assistantships work in a cohort of graduate students with the UGA Arts Collaborative, an interdisciplinary initiative for advanced research in the arts at UGA.

To be considered for a Graduate School Assistantship, applicants must provide a one-page statement to their home department’s Graduate Coordinator. The statement should describe the applicant’s current research interests and any previous training and experience in interdisciplinary or collaborative programs and environments. Nominees will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary selection committee.

For more information visit http://arts-collab.uga.edu/