What Do We Mean by Research Now?—The Art(s) of Inquiry and Activism

Mar 29, 2022 4-5pm Eastern/3-4pm Central/2-3pm Mountain/1-2pm Pacific

The Vienna Declaration on Artistic Research defines AR as “practice-based, practice-led research in the arts,” often an interdisciplinary creative research that acts as a “driver for critical thinking, creativity, and open innovation.” Many artists understand their art-making to be a means of asking soaring questions; of helping audiences grasp the complexity of wicked problems; of shocking, literally moving, or seducing participants into risking new solutions; on enacting the art of intervention.

In this conversation, we will hear from a stunning group of artists, performers, proponents of arts-based interdisciplinary research, curators, museum directors, and artist-activists who reflect on the arts as research and how universities can support, celebrate, and reward artists when they turn from galleries to their communities.

Panelists include:

  • Maryrose Flanigan, a2ru
  • Denise Frazier, Tulane University
  • Carlos Jackson, University of California, Davis
  • Lisa Yun Lee, National Public Housing Museum

This virtual event was part of the “What Do We Mean By Research Now?” series at the University of Iowa Oberman Center for Advanced Studies.