Data Driven Environments and the Arts: ICFAD Continues the Conversation

Mar 31, 2022 1pm Eastern / noon Central/ 11:00am Mountain/ 10:00am Pacific

a2ru members are invited to join this discussion with no registration fee by emailing alison@icfad.org to RSVP.


Sarah Bay-Cheng, Dean, School of the Arts, York University

Dan Cavanaugh, Dean, College of Liberal Arts, University of Texas Arlington

Peg Faimon, Founding Dean, Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design, Indiana University

Arne Flaten, Head, Rueff School of Design, Art and Performance, Purdue University

Building off the initial roundtable conversations at the virtual ICFAD (International Council of Fine Arts Deans) conference in October, we will continue discussions around the various ways institutions measure professional faculty activity in the arts. In research disciplines that involve publishing and grants, companies like Academic Analytics are able to pull information from various third-party sources (publishers, aggregators, etc.) to create a fairly holistic picture of a faculty member’s professional activity. However, in the arts, those sources do not exist on a large scale, especially for those faculty members who engage in creative activity rather than publishing in traditional outlets. In data-driven environments such as the higher education evaluation process, it is essential that we continue to develop ways to tell the story of what arts faculty members contribute to the university and society.

Discussions at the ICFAD conference during the roundtable sessions indicated a need for continued conversations around this topic. This session will serve as an opportunity to examine these issues in more depth, discuss ideas for solutions, and draft a roadmap (potentially collaborating with other organizations) to make national, shared progress on this issue.

Session Recording


Data Driven Environments and the Arts 2022-03-31 from ICFAD on Vimeo.