Ask Them Anything: Vibrant Ecologies of Research, Part 1

Sep 29, 2022 2pm Eastern


Aaron Knochel, Penn State University; Guest Editor for Vibrant Ecologies of Research

Eric Benson, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Genevieve Tremblay, Coastal Social-Ecological Millennium Institute SECOS

Mary Beth Leigh, University of Alaska Fairbanks

About the Webinar

Join a2ru for our first Vibrant Ecologies of Research “Ask Them Anything” webinar. Vibrant Ecologies of Research is a special collection on Ground Works, a2ru’s online platform for arts-integrated research. Through peer-reviewed projects and invited commentaries, it explores the ecologies where arts-based inquiry thrives in conversation with social and scientific research.

Bring all your questions for Vibrant Ecologies Editor Aaron D. Knochel and project authors Eric Benson, Genevieve Tremblay, and Mary Beth Leigh. This webinar will have only brief presentation time, allowing maximum time for your questions and comments about the collection as a whole, Benson’s project, “Fresh Press Agri-Fiber Paper Lab,” Tremblay’s co-authored project “ASKXXI: Ecologies of Interdisciplinary Research and Practice in Art & Science and Technology,” and Leigh’s co-authored project “In a Time of Change: A Nested Ecosystem of Environmental Arts, Humanities, and Science Collaboration.” Read ahead of time, then ask them anything—about co-creating knowledge across disciplines, making paper by hand as part of an on- and off-campus research ecology, orchestrating an inter-hemispheric collaboration, using place as a boundary object, whatever sparks your interest.

Members of Vibrant Ecologies Reading Clubs are especially encouraged to attend. (If you’re not yet part of a Reading Club, it’s not too late; now is a great time to join or form one. Contact a2ru-editorgw@umich.edu for more information).

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