A Prescription for Progress: How Arts on Prescription Helps Us Reimagine Health

Jan 25, 2024 12:00-1:00pm Eastern


Tasha Golden, Director of Research, International Arts + Mind Lab, Johns Hopkins University

Arts on prescription allows doctors to “prescribe” creative activities alongside traditional care, and it’s gaining traction around the globe. But this emerging model represents more than just expanded arts access. As lead author of the groundbreaking “Arts on Prescription Field Guide,” Dr. Tasha Golden argues this approach can catalyze progress by questioning the status quo, prompting radical collaboration, and reimagining models of education, wellbeing, and care. Universities have unique potential to pilot these programs that break down academic silos and benefit students, faculty, staff and research. This talk will help attendees challenge assumptions, unveil possibilities, and consider how creativity can transform communities.



Tasha Golden, PhD is Director of Research at the International Arts + Mind Lab at Johns Hopkins University, and a national leader and consultant in arts + public health. Holding a PhD in Public Health Sciences, Dr. Golden has published extensively on the impacts of the arts, music, aesthetics, and social norms on health and well-being. She has served as an advisor on several national and international health initiatives, is adjunct faculty for the University of Florida’s Center for Arts in Medicine, and recently led the pilot evaluation of CultureRx in Massachusetts: the first arts-on-prescription model in the U.S.

Golden is also a career artist and entrepreneur. As singer-songwriter for the critically acclaimed band Ellery, she toured full-time in the US and abroad, and her songs appear in feature films and TV dramas (ABC, SHOWTIME, FOX, NETFLIX, etc). She is a published poet (Humanist Press) and founder of Project Uncaged: an arts-based health intervention for incarcerated teen women that amplifies their voices in justice reform.

Golden’s diverse background drives her success as an international speaker and thought leader. She gives talks and facilitates workshops for artists, businesses, researchers, practitioners, and more—helping them enhance and reimagine their work. As a consultant, she helps leaders and organizations draw on the science of arts and health to further their goals.