2015 Emerging Creatives Student Summit

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PULSE: Creative Collaborations for Cities in Flux brings together over 100 students from across the country who want to explore creative transdisciplinary collaboration as a means to help create the city of the future. By 2050, 67% of the world population will live in cities. Citizens will face uncertainties about equity, creativity, and the design of cities to positively serve future generations. At PULSE, student teams pioneer projects to transform urban landscapes in the coming decades. This think tank allows students to chart their own course in tackling issues anywhere from community development, cultural stability and social justice to engineering, healthcare and economic investment. Students work with national leaders to actualize ideas, while gaining an urban innovation skillset and a new network of cross-country collaborators. A parallel think tank is provided for faculty representatives from A2RU institutions.

PULSE celebrates the rich cross-fertilization produced from the creative collaborations from divergent disciplines.

View presentation slides from “The Next Leap: Funding Great Ideas,” by David Holland from VCU Research.

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