Equitable Evaluation Initiative

Arts and Equity

May 22, 2019

Imagine if evaluation was conceptualized, implemented, and utilized in a manner that is consistent with and promotes equity.

Everyday narratives that continue to marginalize, minimize, and disrespect people of color and those with less privilege could be replaced with ones that do not demonize and place blame on the individual. They could instead lift up the historical, contextual, and powerful dynamics that create and sustain oppression and shed light on the strategies and solutions which can shift the “rules of the game” so that equity is achievable.


The EEI is focused on institutions that have already embraced equity as core to their work and equitable evaluation is an important next step to align their values and deepen their impact.

These institutions fall into three sectors: foundations, nonprofits/community, and evaluators/consultants. Their work is interdependent and each plays a unique role in shifting the evaluation paradigm.

We identify philanthropy as the entry point to this work: it is the primary “purchaser” and user of evaluation in this ecosystem. It drives supply (evaluators/consultants) and can also shape and resource demand from nonprofits and communities…

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