Division of the Arts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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April 1, 2019

In the spirit of the Wisconsin Idea, the Division of the Arts supports and promotes a comprehensive variety of arts programs and disciplines, whether it is our own specific programs or our partners’ events. Early in 2014, the then-Arts Institute was constituted as an independent division, and became a stand-alone division in July 2015. By working with numerous faculty and staff in a wide range of departments and arts-related fields, the Division of the Arts is in the position to create/generate conditions for bold thinking and creative problem solving. Together with our partners, we can further develop and support a vibrant arts community.

As a division of the University of Wisconsin–Madison, the Division of the Arts is a gateway to the arts at the university. As arts practitioners, theorists, historians and educators in the cultural and creative world, we advance the arts as an invaluable resource that underpins the vital nature of the university and its wider community. We do this by promoting all forms of artistic expression, experience and interpretation via a diversity of intertwined paths through which we engage and understand our world.

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  • Interdisciplinary Arts Residency Program
  • Wisconsin Film Festival
  • Madison Early Music Festival

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