Boston University: Arts-Based Learning at the Center for Teaching and Learning

July 13, 2018

Arts-Based Learning
Arts-Based Learning refers to the purposeful use of artistic skills, processes, and experiences as educational tools to foster learning in non-artistic disciplines and domains. Two of the most widely used approaches are design thinking process and visual thinking strategies.

Boston University, with programs in the visual arts, theatre, music, creative writing, playwriting, art history, and film and television, celebrates and supports arts-based learning across the university. Below are some examples of ways that BU faculty are employing arts-based learning to promote learning in non-arts disciplines.

If you are interested in connecting with arts faculty to develop an arts-based learning experience, please contact the BU Arts Initiative (Office of the Provost) or the CFA Deans Office.

Feature Articles and Videos on Arts-Based Learning at BU
Use of Visual Thinking Strategies at the Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine
BU Arts Initiative Arts Integration Video Series
Nile Project Residency
Improv and Scientists
College of General Studies Capstone Projects
Links for this list available at https://www.bu.edu/ctl/guides/arts-based-learning/