An arts-engaged community is a healthy community.

A2ru’s current work in the Arts in Health arena is mapping and addressing the needs at the intersection of arts in health and the arts in public health and to be responsive to the multiple movements growing in these areas. To help us parse this wide field, we offer the following definitions (from NOAH and the Center for Arts in Medicine):

Arts in Health: A broad and growing academic discipline and field of practice dedicated to using the power of the arts to enhance human health and well-being in diverse institutional and community contexts.

Arts in Public Health: The domain of Arts in Health refers to using the arts within public health programs in the interest of community engagement, needs assessment, health communication, and health promotion.

On this resource page you will see resources and research in both areas an along the continuum of this emerging field.

Contribute a Resource

Please feel free to contact us with resources and event information to inform our work and for consideration to be included on this page. Please put “ArtsRx resource” in the subject line.

Arts in Health Communites of Practice

a2ru convenes two communities of practice in the area of Arts & Public Health:

Arts & Public Health Community of Practice meets every other fourth Monday. This group will launch October 2021 to build an action and research agenda together for the burgeoning field of arts and health!
Arts & Health Educators Community of Practice meets every other second Monday. This group is working on curricula development, including establishing certificates, minors, and majors in this area of study and coordinating and exploring the intersections in arts in health, entrepreneurship, arts management (field definition, taxonomies, student employment in this field, pedagogical tenets of this emerging field including social justice and equity). This group was established in February 2021.
To join either of these groups or if you have any questions, please email flanigam@umich.edu.
Banner Image: a performance from our 2016 National Conference, ArtsRx: Creative Venture, Wellbeing, and the New Humanities