Artivate – Special Issue: Creative Placemaking and Arts Entrepreneurship (2017)

September 28, 2018

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Artivate: A Journal for Entrepreneurship in the Arts aims to “disseminate new thinking and perspectives on arts entrepreneurship theory, practice, and pedagogy.” This special issue focuses on creative placemaking and arts entrepreneurship and is guest edited by Maria Rosario Jackson (senior advisor to the arts and culture program at the Kresge Foundation and professor at Arizona State University’s Herberger Institute for Design and College of Public Service and Community Solutions) and Greg Esser (Desert Initiative Director for the Herberger Institute).

It includes the following articles:

  • Public Perceptions of Artists in Communities: A Sign of Changing Times By Jennifer L. Novak-Leonard (Northwestern University) and Rachel Skaggs (Vanderbilt University)
  • Partnership Strategies for Creative Placemaking in Teaching Entrepreneurial Artists By Amy Whitaker (New York University)
  • Inspiring soulful communities: Connecting arts entrepreneurship education and community development via creative placemaking By Kevin R. Wilson and Roger Mantie (Arizona State University)
  • Creative Democracy: Applying the Lessons of Creative Placemaking to Policymaking By Kiley Arroyo (Cultural Strategies Council)
  • Just Planning: What Has Kept the Arts and Urban Planning Apart? By Tom Borrup (University of Minnesota)

About Artivate

The editors are committed to publishing research-based articles and case studies of interest to scholars, artists, and students in the areas of entrepreneurship theory as applied to the arts; arts entrepreneurship education; arts management; arts and creative industries; public policy and the arts; the arts in community and economic development; nonprofit leadership; social entrepreneurship in or using the arts; evaluation and assessment; public practice in the arts.

Artivate is published twice yearly, summer and winter, in an online format. The editors are particularly interested in articles that actively link theory with practice in ways that will be of interest and impact to the broad cross-section of the Journal’s readership. Self-reflective studies from arts entrepreneurs and empirical research from scholars are equally welcome. We are interested in supporting the growth of our nascent discipline and also welcome debut articles from emerging scholars.

Artivate’s editorial board is drawn from diverse disciplines at the nexus of entrepreneurship and the arts. These distinguished colleagues review and recommend articles submitted for consideration and we thank them in advance for their hard work and dedication.

Artivate is published by The Pave Program in Arts Entrepreneurship at Arizona State University.


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