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Creative work, analysis, commentary, and news stories relevant to integrating art-making into the research university are constantly emerging. Artists, academics, and administrators are encouraged to contribute to the resources found here by using the form below. The editors will assess relevance and post appropriate submissions.

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  • Co-Curricular: Any student-centered activity supported by the university that complements but is not part of the regular curriculum. Co-curricular engagement occasionally acts as a catalyst to transform existing curricula as it provides students a means to engage their interests and cultures in a non-curricular context.
  • Curricular: The aggregate of courses of study given in a school, college, or university. This can include a broad spectrum of materials, such as: syllabi, assessments, and articles on pedagogy.
  • News: Noteworthy information from your university regarding your practices, people, and projects as it relates to arts practice and/or collaboration with arts practitioners.
  • Policy: Any published information regarding local, state or federal developments that influence and are relevant to a2ru’s Vision, Mission, Values and Activities. This category is not limited to governing bodies and includes output from professional organizations, accrediting bodies, funding agencies, etc.
  • Research: Instances of high-level research in which arts practices are integral. Content may be provided in the form of published papers, audio, and video. Please see specifics regarding submission guidelines for these forms of media in the Submit section of the a2ru website (registration required).
  • Tools: Tools come in many forms including: best practices for arts integrative work or interdisciplinary collaboration; mechanisms for assessing the value/success of a course or research partnership; and others.