Tenure & Promotion Workshops

Tenure and Promotion Policy, Workshops

A2RU recognizes that university leadership and faculty seek to create dynamic infrastructure and programs, aligned with institutional values of arts integration and interdisciplinary. Policy–including and especially tenure and promotion policy–is a big part of this. However, spanning different modes of scholarship and practice across domains, while also navigating structural, cultural, and practical challenges, makes policy change a daunting task. As with all our Leadership Workshops, a2ru’s Tenure and Promotion Workshop aims to provide face-to-face interaction, time-on-task, and scaffolding for the identification and activation of new practices.

How do we clarify and manage tenure and promotion expectations at the point of hire for new faculty? How do interdisciplinary practices and diverse modes of scholarship align with institutional policies and values? Are we framing and communicating these conversations as effectively as possible? How are current tenure and promotion policies incentivizing teaching and research excellence in all phases of one’s career? These are the questions that faculty and academic leadership charged with tenure and promotion policy face, and a2ru’s Tenure and Promotion Workshop uniquely supports them with:

  • a basic set of content modules, grounded in our interviews with faculty and leadership at 38 universities;
  • an immersive design sprint format that engages participants as makers, crafting a practical toolkit for T&P policy;
  • and a collaborative structure that promotes knowledge-sharing among a community of peers

Interested in hosting a Tenure & Promotion workshop on your campus? A2RU offers the full, two-day workshop on tenure and promotion policy, as well as shorter, faculty-targeted workshops on topics such as “Situating Creative Practice as Research” and “Making the Case for Impact.” The price of all workshops is reduced for a2ru member institutions. Contact a2ru Research Programs Manager Veronica Stanich at vstanich@umich.edu.