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UNL Art and Art History Launches Art at Cedar Point

  • November 18, 2013
  • By Kathe Andersen     
The UNL Department of Art and Art History is offering an art class at Cedar Point Biological Station this summer.


The University of Nebraska–Lincoln Department of Art and Art History has announced an opportunity for students to take an art class at Cedar Point Biological Station near Ogallala, Nebraska, during the summer. They are also coordinating an artist in residence program at Cedar Point. Both will begin next summer.

Photography 161 (Photography for Non-majors) will be offered next summer at Cedar Point, and a new course titled “Art at Cedar Point” is in the curriculum approval process for future semesters and will allow a variety of mediums to be offered.

In addition, the Department of Art and Art History is offering a one- or two-week residency open for arts and creative writing faculty at Nebraska colleges and universities, as well as current Nebraska Master of Fine Arts students. Applications are due Jan. 20, 2014.

Cedar Point Biological Station is a University of Nebraska field research facility and experimental classroom located near Lake McConaughy and Ogallala, Nebraska. The station is in the heart of the western high plains, near the juncture of tall grass and short prairie grass, on the south edge of the Sandhills and in the North Platte River Valley. The University has been offering courses there since 1975.

“Biologists have used it as a combination of an experiential classroom and as a research site,” said Jon Garbisch, the Associate Director of Cedar Point Biological Station. “You sign up for a class. You come out there and live for three weeks. And you basically eat, sleep and breathe the topic. It’s all about that residential, community learning experience where you are completely immersed.”

“Many of us are eager to immerse ourselves into the landscape and in the unique setting of this place, which has been established for 40 years,” said Cather Professor of Art Karen Kunc, who is coordinating the department’s participation in the program. “Certainly there have been lots of discussions over the years in various arenas of the similarity between arts and sciences and how we both have our motivation for research, and our processes have similar language actually. Here’s a really good place where this could happen, and it’s a real tangible possibility for that kind of encouragement of collaborative knowledge and sharing of information about each other’s fields.”

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