Retaining Identity: Exploring the Role of Creativity in Healthcare

  • April 1, 2014
  • By a2ru      
Students create art with older adults with memory loss and are catalysts for compassion and creativity via intergenerational learning.


This community engagement course will explore the benefits of creativity and the potential of art to aid the human spirit during times of illness and disease.  Partnering with the UM Geriatric Center’s Silver Club and Elderberry Memory Loss Programs, students will create art with older adults with memory loss. The course will explore various aspects of illness as well as creativity to enable students to research and develop art experiences intended to maintain one’s identity within the healthcare setting.

Students will also be asked to reflect on several topics related to working with older adults with memory loss including the caregiver experience, stigma surrounding old age and illness, creativity and aging, and dementia research.  This will include written responses, creative expression, and guided discussions based on reading material.

The course will also introduce students an overview of art programs established in hospitals, the role of the art therapist, and community art and music programs. The course is taught by Anne Mondro, Associate Professor, Penny Stamps School of Art and Design.

Download PDF: Syllabus: Retaining Identity