• So, what did this [a2ru] conference really have to do with the arts? Actually, quite a lot. Even though it wasn’t explicitly a traditional conference about the fine arts, I felt like there was an underlying message that artists should always be part of the larger conversation about creativity and innovation. After all, artists have the unique trait of being communicators by training.

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Introduction to Creative Process

  • September 10, 2013
  • By a2ru      
This course aims to demystify creativity and demonstrate it to be an inherent potential of all humans.


Introduction to Creative Process is an immersive, studio-based interdisciplinary course taught by four faculty members at the University of Michigan (one each from Engineering; Music, Theatre and Dance; Art and Design; and Architecture and Urban Planning). As a project- and writing-based course, students are introduced to creative processes from across disciplines and are prepared to master their own creative process for use not just in other courses and academic projects, but also throughout their lives.

In particular, the course aims to:
• demystify creativity and demonstrate it to be an inherent potential of all humans.
• challenge common misconceptions of creativity – that it is only available to a select few “geniuses” and can only take place in the minds of individuals considered borderline “crazy.”
• assist students in developing a conceptual foundation for identifying creative approaches to arrive at their own creative process.
• foster the ability to recognize creative potential in unexpected contexts and understand that creative expression in any filed is a process that can take many different forms.

Introduction to Creative Process Syllabus