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Gypsy Pond Music XV Syllabus: “Organism”

  • November 11, 2013
  • By stephen rush     
The University of Michigan’s Digital Music Ensemble engage in a music installation utilizing interdisciplinary collaboration.


This semester the Digital Music Ensemble will present it’s annual “Gypsy Pond Music,” an interactive installation on the University of Michigan Music School pond, featuring ultra-­‐sonic or photo-­‐ resisting sensors (this semester, Arduino kits), remote control boats, and the floating labyrinth, or whatever the class decides.

Grading is based on participation. What kind of participation is entirely up to each student. Traditional assignments beyond the first month of the course aren’t the norm for this class, which stretches the boundaries of imagination and music technology.

Download PDF: Digital Music Ensemble /InterdisciplinaryCollaboration Fall 2013 Syllabus