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Gypsy Pond Music XV – “Organism” Event

  • November 8, 2013
  • By a2ru      
“Organism” is presented sonically and visually, and is affected by the pulses of participants and the disparity between them.


Gypsy Pond Music XV: “Organism” is the fifteenth installment in a series of exciting sonic installations created by the University of Michigan’s Digital Music Ensemble (DME). DME has been studying Labyrinths from the perspective of world cultures, and exploring the journey called ‘life’. These ideas have inspired the piece deeply.  This year, for “Organism,” DME, with the help of audience volunteers, we will be exploring the theme of synchronization between organisms. The audience is encouraged to contribute their own heartbeat to the piece, two volunteers at a time, through special pulse receptors.

How the piece is presented, both sonically and visually, will be radically affected by both the pulses of participants, and the disparity between them. Participants will react to each other, as well as triggering interactive elements set up on the pond, to create a unique, collaborative experience. Gypsy Pond Music XV: Organism is set up every day, November 4th through the 10th from 12:00 to 9:00 PM, and takes place between Pierpont Commons and the Earl V. Moore Building on the University of Michigan’s north campus.