• Students are less interested in changing or destroying the boundaries of a particular discipline; they want to find ways to work more collaboratively, based on a foundation of mutual respect.

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Design Across Scales

  • April 30, 2014
  • By Anya Ventura     
MIT class, “Design Across Scales,” creates new paradigm for design education.


Design Across Scales is a class co-taught by MIT professors Meejin Yoon and Neri Oxman, each with an established practice in the kind of forward-reaching design that not only improves upon the world, but reimagines it entirely. Yoon and Oxman believe design is not a discipline but a critical methodology. In the class, they want students to learn “how textile dyes can affect cancer research or how biomaterial 3D printing processes can inspire new construction technologies.” Organized around various aspects of design practice — from visualization, fabrication, computation, material ecology, interaction, architecture, to games and performance — Design Across Scales encourages thinking and doing across these disciplines.


Link to Full Source: MIT Center for Art, Science & Technology