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Creative Process UARTS 250/550

  • November 11, 2013
  • By a2ru      
In this course, students are encouraged – in an interdisciplinary way – to explore their own creativity.


Creative Process is a course in which University of Michigan students are encouraged, in an interdisciplinary way, to explore processes of creativity. Activities are organized around a series of two-week hands-on workshops, weekly colloquia, and a final project, all of which are designed as opportunities to learn and practice–and even get good at–being creative in all sorts of ways in all kinds of situations. Aptitudes like empathy, storytelling, and experiencing awe will be fostered, along with the ability to devise opportunities where none are apparent and the courage to make and share things that are beautiful and joyful. A team of five faculty from four different UM schools will work closely with students to illustrate how thinking and working creatively brings greater productivity, accomplishment, meaning, and richness to life, academic, professional and personal.