42 Hours of Re_Creativity: Humanscape

  • October 26, 2015
  • By a2ru      
42 Hours of Re_Creativity student design competition shines a light on improving the human environment in meaningful ways.


ArtsEngine and Living Arts hosted the sixth annual 42 Hours of Re_Creativity competition in the Duderstadt Center on the University of Michigan’s North Campus. The event took place on October 23-25, 2015. The 2015 competition theme “Humanscape,” called for projects that benefit the human environment in a meaningful way.

Five teams of students competed for the top prize of $1400. Each team worked diligently throughout the 42 hours to produce creations that were unique, well thought out and potentially useful in a “real world” environment. The winners of the competition were:

First Place $1400: Bonnie Jiang, first-year, A&D; Moona Li, first-year, A&D; Yan Du, first-year Engineering;  Jiayu Chen, first-year, Engineering. This group created a camping backpack out of discarded fabric with PVC pipe and cardboard fashioned camping tools inside.

Second Place: $750: Srishti Gupta, first-year, A&D; Clayton Zimmerman, first-year, LSA;  Daniel Korth, first -year, Engineering;  Angelina Fahs, second -year, Engineering;  Alexander Kraft, first-year, Engineering. This group created a mobile workspace for college students using cardboard. This space included walls, a table and a chair.

Third Place: $500: Alex Mattia, Senio, Engineering, Chih-Kang Chang, Masters, EECS; Steven Riley, third-year, LSA (Business) This group tightly tied together used plastic shopping bags in order to create an outdoor hammock or chair which could be hung from a tree.

In addition to providing students with the opportunity to learn from each other while working on problem solving in interdisciplinary teams, 42 Hours of Re_Creativity not only generated awareness within the student community with regard to environmental concerns such as proper recycling of discarded materials, but also went one step further by offering alternative uses for recycled materials as well.