• Artists don’t typically start with a hypothesis, or structure their practice to prove that hypothesis. But I think that artistic practice can itself be a form of research and knowledge production. In art, the outcomes may be more open-ended, but they’re driven by a similar process of inquiry and desire for discovery.

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University of Florida Harn Museum Night

  • June 25, 2012
  • By a2ru      
This annual event features the UF College of Engineering’s faculty and student works of all manner of visual and performing art.



Entitled “Art in Engineering,” this annual event features works of art by the UF College of Engineering’s faculty and students. Displays include paintings, photographs, poetry, video, research presentations, musical performances, improvisation by engineering members of UF’s Theatre Strike Force – an all-engineering juggling team, and more!  In connection with their work “Fear and Hope,” on view in the Harn Museum’s exhibition, Open Engagement: Strategies in Art, Love and War, the program included an interactive performance by UF’s School of Art and Art History adjunct assistant professors, Josh and Jake Kubisz,

The purpose of this event is to not only show the “hidden lives of engineers,” but to also showcase the essential element of creativity in engineering problem-solving.