• I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic conference this weekend. I learned a ton and met some incredible people that I hope to stay in touch with. There were times where I felt like I found my "tribe"–people who didn't even blink when I listed computer science, music and developmental psychology as my fields of study.  

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University of Calgary: Programming for Artists

  • August 7, 2012
  • By a2ru      
This is a one semester course that teaches programming to art students, partly for use…



A one semester course that teaches programming to art students, Programming for Artists is an introduction to computers and programming within the context of artistic practice. Algorithms within the arts domain, and applications, including interactive and dynamic applications, across range of artistic practices including: images, audio, animation, multimedia, web, and installations. Students will develop in-class and take home projects, as well as a final project of their own design. This course, at this time, uses Alice, GameMaker and the Processing language.

Programming for Artists Syllabus