• Where [arts-integrated interdisciplinarity] works best...is when you have these people who are great at their first assignment and you make it easy for them to cross boundaries in their second assignment.

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UNC-CH Honors Arts Fellows

  • July 19, 2012
  • By a2ru      
Honors Arts Fellows participate in a year long program to focus on ‘Creative Practice.’


Honors Arts Fellows is a group of UNC honors students who apply to participate in a year long program to focus on ‘Creative Practice.

Pilot Year: 2011-12
Students convene throughout the year to conceptualize develop a creative project. Year 1 students were asked to respond to the Rite of Spring. Students design their own program and work with staff/faculty to gain additional training/knowledge. Culminates in a final performance/presentation.

Year Two: 2012-13
The first semester will be Co-Curricular. The second semester will be a credit bearing honors course, which will include guest speakers and Creative ‘Lab’ Hours.

The program is a joint program between the UNC Honors Program and Carolina Performing Arts.