• And so rather than sitting and pondering forever whether a visual is an art work or a scientific image, it's more productive to say a multitude of images exist in the world—and to ask what they do. Where do they live? What kinds of inquiries do they prompt? What do they be of the viewer?

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Sparse Matrices and the London Electronic Music Scene

  • March 19, 2014
  • By a2ru      
Sparse Matrices and the London Electronic Music Scene


Last November, sparse matrices came together with electronic music to appear on billboards around London for the LEAF 2013 Electronic Music Festival. The artwork is the result of a new sideline by CISE Professor Tim Davis: creating visual art from music via a set of simple algorithmic / mathematical rules. You can read more about his work in recent blogs by Cleve Moler at The MathWorks and SIAM.