• Where [arts-integrated interdisciplinarity] works best...is when you have these people who are great at their first assignment and you make it easy for them to cross boundaries in their second assignment.

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NASAD: Assessment on Our Own Terms

  • November 19, 2013
  • By a2ru      
Explaining how assessment works is supported by expert judgement.This paper informs professionals external to art and design.


Assessment on Our Own Terms examines the question of assessment from an internal disciplinary perspective. This policy brief discusses issues related to evaluation in the visual arts and design; why art- and design-specific evaluations are important to the true nature of these fields; and explaining our craft to those outside the profession. This document is particularly applicable in situations where expert knowledge of the visual arts and design professions is challenged and focus on quality assessments is being diminished in favor of external control.

Download PDF: NASAD: Assessment on Our Own Terms