• Artists don’t typically start with a hypothesis, or structure their practice to prove that hypothesis. But I think that artistic practice can itself be a form of research and knowledge production. In art, the outcomes may be more open-ended, but they’re driven by a similar process of inquiry and desire for discovery.

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Arts Business Initiative: Program Summary and Materials

  • May 27, 2015
  • By Jeff Breisach     
A look at how the University of Wisconsin-Madison is bringing business and the arts together.


At the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the Arts Business Initiative was launched to formalize the relationship between business and the arts on campus and leverage the benefits of bringing together two groups of differently minded people. This report will outline how the University of Wisconsin-Madison has built the Arts Business Initiative over the course of its first three years of existence, provide insight to the scope of its impact, samples of materials for all aspects of the Initiative, biographies for all faculty and staff, and recommendations provided to the Arts Business Initiative on its future direction. The ultimate goal of this report is to provide a resource for institutions that are exploring the idea of bringing together art and business by sharing how this concept has developed at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Download PDF: Art Business Initiative: Program Summary and Materials