• Artists don’t typically start with a hypothesis, or structure their practice to prove that hypothesis. But I think that artistic practice can itself be a form of research and knowledge production. In art, the outcomes may be more open-ended, but they’re driven by a similar process of inquiry and desire for discovery.

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An A-Z of Art and Science

  • December 2, 2013
  • By a2ru      
“An A to Z of Art and Science” includes links to exciting things happening in art and science.


At the Interface is a blog that explores the expanding interaction between science, art and culture. From artists working in labs, to scientists working in art museums, At the Interface explores how science and art inform each other.

“An A to Z of Art and Science” is a thoughtful post by the blog’s editor, Dr. Johanna Kieniewicz. It includes a curated list of digital destinations that illustrate the  interconnectedness of art and science.

Dr. Kieniewicz works for the British Library, and has a PhD in Earth and Planetary Science and a foundation degree in fine art. You can follow her on Twitter on @johannakz.

Link to Full Source: At the Interface: Where Art and Science Meet