About Committees

Four standing committees have been established to advance the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru)’s mission. All committee members represent Research One universities and are faculty, administrators, and staff from a2ru partner universities.

Name Function Members Staffed by
Executive Conduct strategic planning, committee membership selection and oversight, budget review and reports, planning for long-term sustainability, strategic alliance development Senior administrators, including 1 AE dean/ director Executive Director
Research Establish and coordinate a national agenda for relevant research Various faculty & administrators a2ru Research Team
Curricular & Co-Curricular Clarify models and benefits of curricular and co-curricular integration of arts practice, and develop resources for faculty and staff development Various faculty, administrators, staff Mellon Research Project Director

Selection and Responsibility of Members

Each March, open nominations for committee members will be solicited. The Executive Committee will select committee members, in consultation with committee co-chairs, based on diversity of discipline, expertise, geographic region, university profiles (e.g., public/private, small/large), gender, culture, and other factors. Standing committees will have no fewer than five and no more than 10 members. All committee members must represent universities who are a2ru partners and commit to participating in hour-long monthly conference calls and to completing a minimum of three hours of committee work between calls. Individuals may be nominated (or self-nominate) for more than one committee but may serve on only one committee at a time. Committee members who are not able, for any reason, to perform these agreed-upon responsibilities on a regular basis will be asked by committee chairs to step aside for colleagues who are better able to fulfill the duties. All partners are welcome to return to a2ru committee work through the annual selection process when other commitments allow.

Establishing the First Executive Committee

The first Executive Committee will be established in spring 2013. The disbanding Steering Committee (composed of co-chairs of standing committees from March 2012 to March 2013, a representative of ArtsEngine’s Directors, and the Executive Director) will select the first Executive Committee from among nominations received.

Chair Selection

Each committee will have a chair- and vice-chair, selected by the Executive Committee from among partner leaders for the position.

Chair Responsibilities

Chairs share responsibility for committee activity, including working with staff to set short- and long-term agendas; convene, chair, and circulate minutes of monthly meetings; ensure that committee members have the material and support necessary to do their work; follow-up with committee members to ensure that assignments are completed; and ensure timely completion and reporting of the committee charge.


Committee terms run July 1–June 30 for two consecutive years and can be renewed.